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Fall 2016

Information Studies (INF STD)
INF STD 289 - Seminar: Special Issues in Information Studies: On Record, All Time: Archival Practice in Age of Ubiquitous Surveillance Technologies

Seminar: Sem 2

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Education and Information Studies Building Room 121

2.0-4.0 Variable

Becker, S.R.
Blanchette, J.

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Seminar, two to four hours. Identification, analysis, and discussion of critical intellectual, social, and technological issues facing the profession. Topics may include (but not limited to) expert systems, literacy, electronic networks, youth at risk, information literacy, historical bibliography, preservation of electronic media, etc. May be repeated with topic change. Letter grading.

Class Description

Study actively addresses these issues by engaging together LIS community and range of stakeholders--law enforcement agencies, advocacy groups, vendors, media, etc.--that are already involved in design, deployment, and control of new recording technologies. Exploration of role of surveillance technologies by focusing on body-worn cameras as timely, well-documented, and complex example of such technologies. Students engage with this phenomena through review of legal and social construction of privacy, open access requirements for government records, and history of audiovisual recordings as evidence; as well as engagement with actual cameras, redaction software, and other recording systems.

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Information Studies

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