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Summer 2017

Gender Studies (GENDER)
GENDER M149 - Media: Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality

Lecture: Lec 1

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Public Affairs Building Room 2270


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Marchant, E.A.

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Communication Studies (COMM ST) M149 - Media: Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality

Gender Studies (GENDER) M149 - Media: Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality

Labor and Workplace Studies (LBR&WS) M149 - Media: Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality

Course Description

(Same as Communication Studies M149 and Labor and Workplace Studies M149.) Lecture, four hours; activity, one hour. Limited to junior/senior Communication Studies and Gender Studies majors and Labor and Workplace Studies minors. Examination of manner in which media culture induces people to perceive various dominant and dominated and/or colonized groups of people. Ways in which women, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, racial, and ethnic marginalized peoples, class relations, and other subaltern or subordinated groups are presented and often misrepresented in media. Investigation and employment of practical applications of communications and feminist theories for understanding ideological nature of stereotyping and politics of representation through use of media, guest presentations, lectures, class discussions, and readings. Introduction to theory and practice of cultural studies. Letter grading.

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Gender Studies

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