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Fall 2018

Arts and Architecture (ART&ARC)
ART&ARC 100 - Selected Topics in Arts: 10 Questions: Interdisciplinary Conversations

Lecture: Lec 1

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Kaufman Hall Room 200


Steele, B.B.
Marks, V.E.

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Course Description

Lecture, three to six hours; discussion and/or laboratory, two to three hours (when scheduled); outside study, six to nine hours. Selected topics in arts explored through variety of approaches that may include projects, readings, studio work, performance, discussion, research papers, and oral presentations. Topics announced in advance. May be repeated for maximum of 8 units. P/NP or letter grading.

Class Description

Each meeting organized around single question designed to elicit interdisciplinary discussion among uniquely curated weekly panel of four UCLA scholars, artists, scientists, and researchers. Study addresses what-is question about topics such as space, time, beauty, freedom, memory, body, failure, work, knowledge, and university. Panelists supply short, accessible readings that introduce students to core ideas in their fields. Study designed to build arts-based, interdisciplinary conversations across university.

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This class does not satisfy any GE requirements.

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Class Notes

  • Enrollment is limited to junior/senior majors in the School of the Arts and Architecture on the priority and first enrollment passes. Any junior/senior may enroll on the second pass, space permitting.
  • The lecture portion of the class will be open to the public.


Arts and Architecture

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