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Spring 2018

English Composition (ENGCOMP)
ENGCOMP M138 - Topics in Creative Writing: Writing Military Experience

Seminar: Sem 2

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Humanities Building Room 222B


Wilson, R.

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English Composition (ENGCOMP) M138 - Topics in Creative Writing

English (ENGL) M138 - Topics in Creative Writing

Course Description

(Same as English M138.) Seminar, three hours. Requisite: English Composition 3 or 3D or 3DS or 3SL. Introductory workshop in genre(s) of instructor choice, that may include mixed genres, playwriting, screenwriting, literary nonfiction, or others. Enrollment in more than one section per term not permitted. May be repeated for maximum of 10 units. May not be used to satisfy workshop requirements for English creative writing concentration. P/NP or letter grading.

Class Description

Designed for military veterans and others with direct experience of war or military life. Readings from military and war-based poetry and prose. Includes weekly writing exercises and discussion. Enrollment by instructor consent; send e-mail to for information.

General Education (GE)

This class does not satisfy any GE requirements.

Writing II

This class does not satisfy the undergraduate Writing II requirement.


This class does not satisfy any College/School diversity requirement.

Class Notes

  • ENGLISH COMPOSITION POLICY FOR ATTENDANCE AND LATE ENROLLMENT (ALL CLASSES): The department will cancel your enrollment in any English Composition class if you do not attend at least one of the first two class meetings.
  • After the first two class meetings, wait-listed students who have attended both class meetings may enroll only with permission to enroll (PTE) obtained from the instructor.
  • For English Composition 3 and all subsequent courses, students must satisfy the University of California Entry-Level Writing requirement before enrolling.
  • For detailed information about the Entry-Level Writing requirement, see the UCLA General Catalog or .
  • The Spring Quarter Analytical Writing Placement Examination (AWPE) will be given Friday, April 6, 2018. Time and Location of the examination are to be determined.
  • For more information, see .


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