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Summer 2019

English (ENGL)
ENGL 150C - Topics in Shakespeare: Shakespeare's Major Plays

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Little, A.L.

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Lecture, four hours; discussion, one hour (when scheduled). Enforced requisites: courses 10A, 10B. Introduction to or advancement of student knowledge of Shakespeare's works through broad or specific topics set by instructor. May be repeated for credit with topic or instructor change. P/NP or letter grading.

Class Description

Study concentrates on some of Shakespeare's major plays, taking students on journey from beginning to end of his illustrious playwriting career; while also asking them to think not just about individual plays but what Shakespeare means popularly, historically, intellectually, politically, etc. Object is for students to not just take in some short lectures, but give back by bringing to class wealth of other sources: from YouTube to Bible to videogames; from networked editions and online encyclopedias, to databases and video streaming, in order to have lively and learning exchange about Shakespeare. In other words, while main focus is on five individual plays, students also asked to think about Shakespeare in context of broader--and perhaps for us, more urgent topics such as how Shakespeare fits (or doesn't) into conversations about women, feminism, race, religion, pop culture, etc. Taught online.

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