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Summer 2019

Global Studies (GLBL ST)
GLBL ST 188B - Special Topics in Global Studies: Hollywood and America's Global Image

Seminar: Sem 1

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Public Affairs Building Room 2317


Franklin, A.S.

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Seminar, three hours. Program-sponsored experimental or temporary courses, such as those taught by resident or visiting faculty members. May be repeated for credit with topic change. Letter grading.

Class Description

Hollywood movies and television shows are meant to unify global audiences by exporting stories and images that demonstrate our shared humanity. But they also reveal unpleasant truths about American attitudes towards foreign cultures as well as our own. While American filmmakers are accustomed to traditions of free speech and free market, Hollywood's desire to sell its wares abroad has collided with tinderbox of politics, religion, and cultural differences prevalent in foreign countries. And recent movies and television shows--including ones from major studios and networks--suggest that Hollywood and people who work there have issues concerning racial diversity, gender inequality, class prejudice, and religious intolerance; and tendency to pit one set of American values against another. Students look at critical aspects of Hollywood's role in shaping America's global image, and ask whether Hollywood can be more effective as America's de facto cultural ambassador.

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Global Studies

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