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Fall 2020

Clusters (CLUSTER)
CLUSTER 27A - Global Islam

Lecture: Lec 1

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Sayeed, A.
Chism, C.N.
Guhin, J.J.
Slyomovics, S.

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Course Description

Lecture, three hours; discussion, two hours. Course 27A is enforced requisite to 27B, which is enforced requisite to 27CW. Introduction to Islam, immensely diverse global tradition which is second largest religion. Study of Islam and Muslims within framework of study of global religious traditions and emphasis on profound diversity of localized belief and practice found across world. Examination of Islam's evolution across 15 centuries, from late antiquity--when it emerged as localized religion in Central Arabia--to modern era where it is practice from US to Indonesia. Concentration on broad analytical categories in study of religion such as text, culture, history, and prophecy. Students transition to more complex analyses through chronological overview of Islamic history. Study also of case studies of Muslim global networks in arenas such as art, music, literature, and political thought. Letter grading.

Class Description


General Education (GE)

Check with your counselor or adviser to see which GE courses fulfill your requirements. See General Education Requirements for more information.

GE Foundation Categories

Foundations of Society and Culture—Historical Analysis
Foundations of Arts and Humanities—Literary and Cultural Analysis
Foundations of Society and Culture—Social Analysis

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This class does not carry the laboratory/demonstration credit for GE.

Writing II

This class does not satisfy the undergraduate Writing II requirement.


This class satisfies the following College/School diversity requirement:

  • Education and Information Studies
  • College of Letters and Science
  • School of Music
  • Public Affairs

Class Notes

  • Seats are held for entering students who enroll through New Student Orientation, beginning July 13, 2020. Any student may enroll beginning September 22, 2020, space permitting.
  • Upon satisfactorily completing Clusters 27A, 27B, and 27CW, students will receive credit for the following requirements: one Literary and Cultural Analysis GE, one Historical Analysis GE, two Social Analysis GE.
  • In addition, students receive credit for College or Education or Music or Public Affairs Diveristy, and Writing II.
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